Which is better, Concrete5 or WordPress? Find Out Here

Concrete5 and WordPress are both open source, which gives you the ability to modify them in any way we want, and the presence of a great online community for support adds to its greatness.

So, which is going to be the right choice for you? Let’s find out.

concrete5 vs wordpress


Concrete5 allows you to create custom complex themes with ease and that too within a short period of time. It also provides you with the ability to quickly modify and move the content as needed.

WordPress also lets you achieve the same, but the process is a bit more complicated and requires more time.

Because of the design flexibility offered, designers tend to prefer concrete5 to create custom themes over WordPress.


There are several plugins for WordPress that let you optimise your website for search engines with ease.


Concrete5 lets you do all that without the need for any extension. The built-in compression and caching option help your website to load faster, which in turn helps it to rank.

Both of these platforms are great for SEO. The main difference is that WordPress requires plugins to optimize your website and concrete5 doesn’t.

Form Setup

The built-in form block in concrete5 allows you to easily create custom forms and setup validation as per your requirement.

WordPress also allows you to create and validate forms with the help of plugins. To create custom forms as per your requirement, you will have to hire a developer or purchase a paid plugin.

Nowadays, the WordPress version gets automatically updated, which in turn results in the plugins becoming incompatible. As a result, the forms won’t work till you fix the issue.


WordPress has several great plugins in the marketplace to perform several actions with ease, but as these are third-party extensions, they require regular maintenance from their respective developers. Otherwise, you might end up getting your website hacked.

Concrete5 has a feature like codebase that allows you to make modifications without over-riding core code. You can also restrict access to pages or functions to a particular user.

The built-in content approval system allows you to roll back and forth the content as everything is tracked and you end up having complete control over what is published.

As both of these CMS’s can be modified in any way you want, you can make them more secure if you have the knowledge to do so. But if you’re hiring a developer to do the work for you, then it’s better for you to go with concrete5 as it has strict programming rules, whereas WordPress will run any newbie’s code ( If it works :p ).


Before a concrete5 update is released, each and every built-in block is tested to prevent incompatibility.

WordPress also does the same, but if you are using any third party plugins then the plugins might not work or your website might pose some vulnerability risks in the code after the update.

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